Christmas market in Monschau

A day trip with many attractions

Monschau, the idyllic town in the Eifel region next to the Belgian border, is nice to visit in all the seasons of the year.

And for Christmas it smartens up especially. With its picturesque corners, this place in the Nature Park Hohes Venn - Eifel draws in streams of tourists in the warmer months especially. Amidst the medieval town layout, with the stream Rur snaking through it, slate-clad houses dominate, and timber framed buildings with cafés, restaurants or artisan craft and souvenir shops. You should really visit the Christmas Market in Monschau, which attracts thousands of guests over all four advent weekends.

Many towns boast traditional Christmas markets offering delights for the body and soul.  What sets the Monschau Christmas Market apart from other markets is the fact that not only Christmas stalls entice to shop or to linger.  Also local shops, restaurants, galleries, antique shops etc fit perfectly into the pre-Christmas spirit. There is even a House of Christmas in Monschau: throughout the months of March to December, this typical building offers Christmas decorations for sale on all 3 floors.

It is best to plan a visit to Monschau with the intention to stay until the early evening.  The falling twilight, the suitable Christmas lights, and Christmas carols played by various music ensembles fuse into a unique seasonal mood that even hardened Scrooges will enjoy over a cup of mulled wine.