Park & Ride

Monschau is a town exuding medieval flair.  Narrow cobble-stoned alleys, neat timber frame houses, and its picturesque location in the valley on the banks of the Rur contribute to its image as the "pearl of the Eifel".  Due to its location, however, the number of available parking places is limited.

Hence, during the Monschau Christmas Market, an ingenious Park&Ride-System is placed in operation in Monschau, which takes the great number of visitors to the Monschau old town fast and without stress.


Coach parking

Coaches may not drive into the Old Town Monschau during the christmas market.

At the weekends on friday and saturday from 10.00 to 21.00 and on sunday from 10.00 to 20.00, large, free parking spaces have been provided for these in Imgenbroich in the car parks of the HIMO. More than 100 coach parking spaces are available here. At these Park&Ride coach parking lots, up to 10 articulated buses leaving every 10 minutes are ready to transport visitors to the Old Town and back again at 3,50 Euro for the return trip.  Children up to and including 12 years of age ride free.  By the way: the coach drivers also get a free ride to the Old Town.

Tickets in combination with a booked guided city tour cost 2,00 Euro per person.

You can get the tickets in front of the Restaurant "Qbus" in Imgenbroich near by the parking lots.

The Restaurant "Qbus" is open.

There you can sit down and stay there while you are waiting for your bus. Hot coffee and snacks will be offered for sale.


Car parking

Visitors of the Christmas market who arrive with their own cars will find parking spaces all round the Old Town, in the designated parking bays along the ring road and in parking spaces at the school centre Haag.

A tip from us: take advantage of the generous parking places offered by courtyards in the centre of Monschau-Höfen. There, by the church, the Vereinshalle, and on the large parking below the sports grounds, you will find plenty of parking spaces. A shuttle bus takes the visitors to the Christmas Market in Monschau. The shuttle bus stop is opposite the primary school on Hauptstrasse. The shuttle bus takes the visitors on saturday and sunday to the stop Burgau.

Please note that there are no shuttle busses on friday from Höfen.

For organizational reasons there is no shuttleservice from the school centre Haag in this year.

Tour groups can order their tickets in advance! To do so, please inform the Monschau Tourist information in advance of the appropriate name, address, date and time of travel, number of people, and, if possible, the name of the bus company under Tel: 02472/8048-0.

Shuttle Service

Every coach must go to the parkings in Imgenbroich at the HIMO. From there the shuttle service goes on every day of the christmas market from 10 am to 20 pm.

From Höfen is a standard bus used. The shuttle service is established from 11 am to 20 pm.