Places of interest

  • Red house museum

    The Red House was built in 1752 as a residential and business house by the cloth maker and businessman, Johann Heinrich Scheibler.

    Laufenstr. 10 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-50 71

  • Historical mustard mill

    The mustard now produced by the 5th and 6th family generations at the mustard mill that is more than 100 years old and was originally powered by a waterwheel still works with an old...

    Laufenstr. 116-124 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-22 45

  • Wilhelm Maaßen Coffee Roasting House

    Discover the quality and variety of the best top coffees.

    Stadtstr. 24 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-80 35 880

  • Weiss Printers' Museum

    The Weiss Printers’ Museum will lead its visitors directly through the history up to the most modern printing machines and the Internet.

    Am Handwerkerzentrum 16 - 52156 Monschau-Imgenbroich

    02472-98 29 82

  • Monschau Glass Works

    Visit the glassworks in Monschau and experience the ancient craft of glass blowing.

    Burgau 15 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-80 25 785

  • Experience Museum Nature Learning Centre

    From the smallest mouse up to bears and lions, the visitor can undertake an exploratory expedition and experience a tour through our nature as it once was or still is today.

    Burgau 15 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-98 77 530

  • Monschau Town Trail

    Why would you want to explore Monschau’s places of interest by foot when you can ride comfortably on the town train and learn about the history of the cloth makers’ town?

    Laufenstr. 67 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-80 00 10

  • Art and Cultural Centre

    The KuK, Art and Cultural Centre and Cultural Centre is a working and meeting place for the creative exchange between artists and invites art enthusiasts.

    Austr. 9 - 52156 Monschau

    02472-80 31 94

  • Weaving Mill Museum Höfen

    The Weaving Mill Museum Höfen accommodates a piece of historic industrial culture from the North Eifel:

    Hauptstr. 123 - 52156 Monschau-Höfen

    02472-34 18

  • Historic saw mill Rohren in the Kluckbach Valley

    The educational forest path in Rohren at Monschau will lead you to an exhibited stacked charcoal pile and a water-operated saw mill whose historic working equipment inside can also...

    02472-70 35