Places of interest

  • Monschau castle

    The Monschau Castle presumably originated at the beginning of the 13th century. In the middle of the 14th century, the complex was extended and enclosed by a mighty circular wall and...

  • Haller

    The tower on the Rahmenberg above the Marktplatz belongs among the most striking points of the city.

  • Rahmenberg

    The cloth frames that stand here on the narrow and long, with slate and greywacke quarry stone-secured terraces lends its name to Rahmenberg.

  • Emperor Charles' Bed

    According to the legend, Emperor Charles the Great had become lost in the High Fens during a hunting excursion near his residence in Aachen and was forced to spend the night on this...

  • Eifeldom Kalterherberg

    The Kalterherberger parish church “Saint Lambertus” is commonly known as “Eifeldom” due to its striking double towers. It was built in 1897-1901 by Priest Arnoldy.

    Arnoldystr. 4 - 52156 Monschau

  • Prior's Cross - High Fens

    As the only conglomerate rock in the Monschauer Land, the immense, 80 metre-long Richelsley Rock lies on the edge of the High Fens.

  • Troistorff House

    The inhabitant of Aachen and Master Builder, Couven, constructed the building in 1783 following the model of a townhouse of the nobility for the cloth manufacturer, M.P.W....

    Laufenstr. 18 - 52156 Monschau