Art and Cultural Centre

The KuK - Art and Culture Center of the StädteRegion Aachen. Forum for international photography
High-quality photography by international artists is the core competence of the Art and Culture Center (KuK) in the -> CityRegion Aachen in Monschau - and gives it a unique selling point. Changing exhibitions present works by well-known and respected photographers to a broad public. This makes the visit even more attractive for more and more travelers. Evaluations show that most of the up to 35,000 guests per year roam the historic building on the Rur in a targeted and repeated manner.
In the years since its founding in 2002, a lot has happened at KuK. The growing networks of the -> Department for Culture in the Aachen CityRegion, which is responsible for and curates the house, have made a clear commitment to the art genre photography. The original pillars as a start-up center and studio house continue to adapt to the needs of regional creative artists in projects such as -> EMA ( and -> SHIFT. In the KuK itself, the focus is on making art of a high level accessible to young and old with free admission.
Museum location
Four to five large photo exhibitions a year are open to anyone interested in Monschau's old town, a two-minute walk from the market. The appealing rooms are divided into cabinets, making them suitable for polythematic or group exhibitions. The program is often aimed at exclusivity. Special exhibitions with a regional focus complement it. The fact that presentations are specially designed for the premises or can only be seen in the form shown in the KuK is no exception.
Networker & think tank
The high reputation of the KuK ties in with the strong and constantly growing networks that are spread across Europe with partners such as Magnum Photos (Paris) or diChroma (Madrid). Not only visitors benefit from this, but also creative artists in the region. Innovative photographers further develop their skills in workshops and even get the chance to exhibit with international greats under one roof as part of the SHIFT project. Vernissages and events offer a platform for informal exchange between (photo) artists from near and far, experts and amateurs. All this makes the KuK a meeting place that gives impulses and wants to establish itself as a think tank.

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You can find the current programme of the KuK, information regarding the artists and a link to the art lending gallery you find on the website:

Opening times: Tues. – Fri. 14.00 to 17.00, Sat. and Sun. from 11.00 to 17.00.


Austr. 9 - 52156 Monschau

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